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About Me

Bri started her journey into fitness and health in 2017 when she landed a part-time job at her local gym. In an environment, surrounded by coaches, athletes, and every-day gym goers she immediately knew she had found her passion. Along with training, Bri had a desire to connect with others through their physical wellbeing and to educate people on the importance of a active lifestyle. In 2019, Bri passed her ACE Personal Training exam and has since earned her certification in group fitness instruction and life coaching.

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"When I started working out, I learned as much I could from the coaches and athletes around me. I read everything I could find online from reputable sources and eventually decided that I wanted to earn my certification in personal training. I was shocked at the number of people who believed many of the myths that surround diet and exercise. I wanted to educate people on the importance of a healthy, balanced lifestyle while debunking the misinformation regarding health, wellness, and fitness. I wanted to get as many people as would hear to shift their perspective and to start putting their minds and bodies in a place they could thrive."

Bri is a firm believer in reaching your goals without extreme restriction and over-training. Bri coaches from a position of science and sustainability and has spent the last six years living what she teaches. 

"I'm not here to remove your favorite foods and expect you to train for hours per day. My job is to give you the tools you need to find your balance to live your happiest, healthiest, and strongest life. It's not cookie-cutter, each individual has specific needs to excel and I'm here to find what works best for you and your goals."

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I am now currently accepting 1-1 coaching clients! If you are interested in monthly one on one coaching, please apply by clicking the button below:

Interested in one-time health and fitness consult without the monthly commitment?

$60: Initial consultation following a questionnaire, we will discuss your goals, concerns, current nutrition, macros, workouts and future plans/adjustments to get you on track to progress.